GJP are delighted to announce the recent approval of two separate planning applications at RCTCBC committee.

The first approval was for the change of use of a residential property into a children’s care home for ages 11-17. The proposal will provide a home for children in need of care, and will offer much needed support for the occupants to help with their development and with achieving their goals. There is a recognised need for such children’s care homes within RCT, which was acknowledged by the Council and local members in reaching their decision.

The second approval of the evening was for the demolition of the existing Leekes store, and construction of a replacement store, mixed retail floorspace and food store. Leekes are a long standing family company, that currently directly employ 565 members of staff, as well as over 65 sub-contractors working on their behalf. The development will allow Leekes to deliver an improved, rationalised store at the site, whilst securing a significant amount of investment in the local area, and Pontypridd as a whole.