GJP are pleased to announce that two separate planning applications were recently approved at Hensol Castle, Vale of Glamorgan. The wider site is a Grade II Listed Historic Park and Garden, with the Castle itself being Grade I Listed.

The first approval was for the provision of an amended functions area within the outer courtyard of the Castle itself, to provide a restaurant, bar and servicing facilities. The development would replace a previous consent for a spa complex in the same location. In reaching a decision, the Council recognised the high-quality of the design proposed, which was considered to be appropriate and sensitive to the historic importance of the castle and its setting.

The second approval was a hybrid planning application as an ‘enabling development’ to facilitate the restoration of Hensol Castle. The application comprised a full application for the erection of 10 dwellings, as well as an outline application for the erection of 6 detached dwellings, at two different sites within the Castle Park. The public benefit of the works was recognised by the Council in reaching a decision on the application. The revenue secured as a result of the developments would be legally tied to the restoration works of the castle, ensuring its long term preservation as an important heritage asset.