GJP have recently secured committee approval for two schemes in Swansea, South Wales. These include the resolution to grant planning permission for the residential development of Land off Christopher Rise for 11 dwellings, including 2 affordable dwellings.

In addition, Committee members resolved to approve a full planning application which sought permission for the construction of a single dwelling within the grounds of a registered historic park and gardens at ‘The Dingle’, Caswell. It was considered that the proposals complied with both national and local policies through the high quality of design proposed, along with the proposal allowing for the retention and long term safeguarding of the historic dingle gardens, which the applicants have successfully restored over a number of years. The application gained great support from local residents, the local ward councillor, and with CADW also fully supportive of the proposal.

These successful outcomes, on two diverse projects, are the culmination of considerable work by the practice to firstly negotiate Officer recommendation for approval on each, and subsequent committee approval.